15:00 How to increase business without ‘selling’

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Presenter: Stuart Morris

As celebrants, the concept of “selling” can feel tacky and distasteful. We don’t want to appear like pushy double-glazing salesmen or insensitive cold callers, but we do have bills to pay. We’re self-employed business people so how can we maximise our business potential whilst maintaining the dignity and the joy of our profession? In this interactive session we’ll be talking ways to increase sales without ‘selling’. (For funeral and couple/family celebrants).

About Stuart Morris

Stuart is founder of the Institute of Professional Celebrants and experienced entrepreneur. He holds the University of Reading’s Teaching Fellowship Award for outstanding innovation and contribution to teaching and learning for his teaching of entrepreneurship at the Henley Business School. He has been “celebranting” for over 20 years and has coached hundreds of small business people all over the world. Stuart believes that being a celebrant doesn’t have to mean working crazy hours for less than minimum wage.

Stuart spends most of his time taking funerals in the Basingstoke, Reading and Bracknell area and specialises in “the difficult ones”. He has a niche weddings practice and regularly trains celebrants both in groups and one-to-one.

Outside the celebrancy world Stuart flies Paramotors and light aircraft, is the father of three adult sons and his superpower is surviving horrific accidents.

Stuart’s website: https://www.instituteofprofessionalcelebrants.org