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The National Celebrant Awards

Awards that recognise truly outstanding celebrants

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The National Celebrant Awards - Nomination Form

Please read the accompanying information about the awards before completing and sending the form.

National Celebrant Awards - Nomination Form

National Celebrant Awards - Nomination Form


Are you nominating the celebrant as a FUNERAL celebrant or as a FAMILY and COUPLE celebrant?

(Please note - you can nominate the same person for an award as a funeral celebrant AND as a family and couple celebrant but you need to complete and submit a separate nomination form for each)

Which category are you nominating the celebrant for? (Pick one only)

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Your details as the person nominating the celebrant

How do you know the celebrant you are nominating? (e.g. they conducted a funeral for my family, I am a wedding planner and have worked with the celebrant)